M Munira Suleiman Tanimu, was born in Kaduna on the 13th of March 1984. She is the first daughter in a family of sixteen (16). She speaks highly of her father, who inspired all his children to dare to be different. He, she said, was the one who assured her that a woman can be great, if she does not only desire it but has the will-power to achieve it.

Munira is one, who has proven that women can influence social change, bring economic development and increase political value by inclusion in politics, if educated. Munira has refused to allow her gender deter her from reaching unimaginable heights. She has toed the path of the great and proven to all that an educated northern woman wields tremendous strength to stir change and bring value to the nation.

She reflects this in her academic pursuits, shattering the glass ceilings that have deterred women from the north from pursuing academic goals; bagging a degree in Sociology, a diploma in Educational Management and a Certification in Leadership management, Women in Leadership and Managing Government's Relations. Each from prestigious institutions; University of Abuja, Bayero University, Kano, Lagos Business School, and Harvard University, respectively.

As a philanthropist and women advocate, Munira has proven her stance beyond words, but by her deeds that many lives can be touched, changed and inspired, one girl-child at a time. With her recent project; "Books Over Trays", which she embarked upon through her NGO, Green Heart Impact Foundation, to liberate the " girl-child" from illiteracy. She has empowered sixty-four (64) girls academically, including their mothers; establishing businesses to sustain their families.

This she has done, covering six (6) states, (Kaduna, Kano, Niger, Sokoto, Kebbi, and Borno). She has promised that her resolution to ensure that the "girl-child" is educated is a resolve that intends to hold on to through her philanthropic works. Munira also believes that, a woman cannot inspire her society if she refuses to be sociable, hence her resolve to relate with all and sundry.

As a young child, she dreamt and followed thoroughly her dreams to lead political change not only in her community, but in her state and the country at large; hence her undying resolve to own a seat in Kaduna's State House of Assembly. As a result, she joined politics, and contested for a seat as member, State House of Assembly in the year 2015 and ran again for the same seat in 2019.

Even while her first attempt brought her close to victory, she has held on to Abraham Lincoln's words, to "always bear in mind that her resolution to succeed is more important than any other one thing". Holding the fort, she has refused to yield, as she knows that success is the ability to move from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm. And when she finally sits in any political office, she believes she would not only have inspired change, but inspire other women to dare the impossible.

Munira has received several, accolades, recognitions and awards for her efforts to fulfil her potentials in a manner that provides platforms for others to fulfil their own potentials and launch proper careers. Most recently, she was a recipient of the prestigious PR Times Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Awards, in the Humanitarian category, for her immense work in bridging the gap for the less privileged in the society.


I’m running for Member State House of Assembly, Lere East constituency, Saminaka, kaduna state. I believe, in my personal capacity, I have proven time-and-time again that I truly care, and I have also shown how passionate I am through my many humanitarian and entrepreneurial efforts.
I am running for this office so I can bring true change to my people through reforms in the following sectors

    • Education100%
    • Health Care100%
    • Employment100%
    • Poverty Alliviation100%
    • Women Empowerment100%


Green Heart Impact Foundation is a non-profitable,non-governmental organization, incorporated by the Corporate Affairs Commission on 19 June, 2014 to cater for the less privileged across rural and urban parts of Nigeria. The organization focuses on assisting and empowering the less privileged through innovative programs that address root causes of poverty.

Our organization gives charity to the needy by providing food, clothing, healthcare, emergency relief materials, school materials, scholarships and business grants to empower the less privileged.

+234 811 000 0091